Zanchetti Italia Collection Alfa

A jacquard made from the intertwining of recycled fishing threads, the raw material of an eco-sustainable Zanchetti lifestyle collection that tells the traveler soul of the brand.


The Zanchetti Brand turns 10 years old and to celebrate this milestone we have thrown ourselves into a sustainable project, giving birth to ALFA, a logotype jacquard created from the intertwining of recycled fishing wire. This particularly well performing material is sustainable, water resistant and lasting. Alfa is the number one raw material from where the new lifestyle Zanchetti collection comes to life, telling the story of the wanderer soul of the brand.

Alfa is Origin.
Alfa is Memory.
Alfa is Tradition.
Alfa is Emotion.
Alfa is Nostalgia.
Alfa is Evolution.

Alfa is a suitcase big enough to contain experiences and memories.
Alfa is a logbook with time resistant pages.
Alfa is the beginning of a journey that will always take you back home.


This journey starts from the sea. It starts from the Adriatic coast, homeland of the brand. It goes through the Italian coastline: shorelines, sand, pebbles, reefs overlooking the sea. The background changes but those unique details don’t. Photographs of a life by the seaside, the typical Italian summer.

We believe that each one of us has got an emotional memory able to take us back into our own impressions and let us live them again, for a fraction of a second, lost in sensation. Colors, nuances, and details that can tell one’s life moments.

Those who grew up by the seaside or spent countless summers by the shore remember well what the Italian summer looks like. Every memory is a postcard fixed in their minds.


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