Zanchetti Italia Collection Amleto

Bag that becomes the emblem of the Zanchetti aesthetic, a luxury leather product that represents contemporary Italian craftsmanship.



Linearity and rigor in its exteriors, poetry and passion in its soul.

In September 2011 the handbag was born that became the symbol of the Zanchetti’s aesthetic. A luxury leather item portraying the Italian contemporary craftsmanship.

111 pieces manually assembled by skilled Italian goldsmiths. Amleto’s unique pull-out handle embodies the soul of Amleto and allows it to transform from handbag to pochette with a simple gesture.

The uncertainty: to Be or to Appear.

Looking like a handbag but feeling like a clutch. Oh, the dilemma!

Amleto evolves, changes shape, colors and leathers. New items are born but its own aesthetic makes it immune to the passing of time.

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