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Zanchetti is an Italian brand of luxury bags that speaks of love for their land, dedication to beauty and the value of craftsmanship.


Zanchetti is an Italian story of love for one’s homeland, devotion to beauty and the value of craftsmanship.

In the heart of Fossombrone, a small town based in the Marche region, inside the eighteen-century rooms of the Palazzo dei Conti Lattanzi, Giacomo Zanchetti and Francesco Cangiotti started a very ambitious project. Aesthetical accuracy where past and future meet in a perfect balance. A truly Italian brand from design to production that pursue creativity and praises the raw materials, using only the very best of it.

A perfect match between experience and artisan knowledge. Innovative production and leather treatments techniques combined with vintage designs and modern details. The leather goods manufacturers cut and saw the carefully selected materials. The goldsmiths put together the accessories bringing to life unique handbags. A luxury leather product portraying the contemporary Italian craftmanship.

Believing in the land, enhancing it and projecting it into the future.
Every creation is the result of a truly Made in Italy process and becomes the ambassador of a philosophy that places its trust into the harmony of a form of beauty that lives through time.


He loves the past, the classic arts and their perfection, the geometry and the aesthetic of a time that is no more. He is fascinated by the theater, its magic and its secrets. He loves a challenge. Giacomo comes from a family of professionals in the field and since he was a child he was surrounded by love and passion for things well done.

As a child, Giacomo finds the smell of leather fascinating. His aesthetic explores and tells of an encounter between the past and the present. His curiosity and his attentiveness allow him to recast details, creating precious and timeless objects.

His eyes are constantly looking out for beauty, they approach changes with passion, knowing that a good balance between harmony and gentleness is the key to understand the World.

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