Zanchetti Italia Project Marina

Project that tells the collection of eco-sustainable Alfa bags, through a journey into the emotions along the Italian coasts photographed by Enrico Costantini.


Bringing memories back to life. Frames from a past still very much present. A past that speaks of our beautiful homeland and those who populate it. Marina talks about the Alfa collection using a journey through emotions.

To pass down a sensation or an image it’s important to understand them by gathering details and nuances. Based on this prerogative, we decided to work with Enrico Constantini. Enrico is an Italian photographer that saw through the soul of the project, adding a distinctive perception to the beauty of The Journey. Enrico captured scenarios of everyday lives, framed in pictures concepts and ideas like the fundamental respect for the environment and the value of a land that interacts with the culture of the people that live on it.

Marina is an Italian voyage across five regions. An experience that lets us enjoy the truly Italian hospitality through six selected accommodation facilities that share the same DNA of the Alfa collection. Beauty, tradition, and respect for the environment.

Manarola – Liguria | La Torretta Lodge
Capri – Campania |Excelsior Parco
Isola di Capo Rizzuto | Praia Art Resort
Calabria Torre Canne – Puglia | Canne Bianche
Ancona – Marche | Filodivino
Senigallia – Marche | Bagni 77

Habits, colors, and emotions become unique tools to spark memories and take you on the same Journey. Stop time with a simple snapshot, tell about memories of a life lived by the seaside. Tell an Italian summer.

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